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Covid-19 Secure, Clean and Safe


🎵 Keeping you Safe & Sound at Rhythm Time 🎵

Whilst I'm sure you all welcome the Government news to relax rules in England, we do understand that some of you will have mixed feelings about the easing of restrictions at this time. We are mindful of the safety of our customers and staff and ask that you respect each other's personal choices as we return to more 'normal classes'.

In response to the Government announcements, from Monday 19 July 2021 we will be making some changes to our classes in England in line with the new rules together with keeping some measures in place:

✅ Hand sanitiser will continue to be available at all venues. We encourage all customers to sanitise their hands on entry and will be encouraging customers to use it when appropriate throughout the class. We will also be promoting good hand hygiene. 
✅ We will be continuing with an increased cleaning schedule to include touchpoints and a light clean of customer instruments.
✅ We will be offering customers the opportunity to purchase our musical bundle (bells, scarves, and sticks) to help keep little ones safe as these items are difficult to clean in between classes. Alternatively, you may still prefer to bring musical items from home.
✅ Whilst it will no longer be mandatory to wear face coverings while attending our classes in England, we do ask that you consider other people's personal space, continue to practise good hand hygiene and when socialising with people that you don't know to consider wearing a face covering.
✅ We will be able to increase capacity levels in our classes as social distancing will no longer be required but in turn, we will also be reviewing our ventilation and ensuring that all customers are comfortable with their allocated space.
✅ We will continue to follow the Government requirement to track and trace and we continue to ask customers who present with COVID19 symptoms to stay at home and access their online class.
✅ We will continue to offer online classes as part of the class booking package. This will continue to support those customers who are required to self-isolate and those with symptoms. Should a class teacher need to self-isolate then classes will as before revert to online.
✅ Hip, hip hooray you will be able to sing and dance in all classes in England with no restrictions!
✅ We will no longer require a COVID19 instrument pack and customers can look forward to using all our musical instruments/musical activities and props. These items will be wiped down as appropriate along with key touchpoints.
✅ We've completed COVID19 & Infection Control Training
Scotland and Wales are all working to their own timelines as they review and seek to lift restrictions over the summer. We will continue to follow Government guidance for classes in those parts of the UK.

If you have any queries or questions with regards to COVID rules in your area, please contact your local class teacher.
We thank you for all your continued support😊
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We offer 4 age-specific class stages:
Young Baby (0-5months);
Baby (0 - 13 months);
Toddler (up to 3yrs) and
Pre-school (up to 5yrs)
Each stage is tailored specifically to support the age and developmental needs of each age group.
Let your little one’s musical journey begin.......😊

Will you still be offering the online classes?
Yes, we will. We will be continuing to provide our age-appropriate online classes for the foreseeable future. The feedback from customers about both our pre-recorded classes and our FB Lives has been really positive so going forward we will continue to offer our online classes for 0-6 yrs.
What happens if my venue must close due to a COVID outbreak?
Your music class will move online, this will be an interactive class using ZOOM on the same day and time where possible.
Will I need to bring my own instruments to class?
We have Ready to Go Starter Bundle' (bells, sticks and scarves) at a special price and would encourage you to purchase this or bring these items from home to ensure your child can participate in these activities. These items are difficult to clean.
How are you keeping customers safe (Scotland/Wales)?
  • We'll be carefully managing the capacity of our classes.
  • We're promoting clean hands and will be asking all customers to use the hand sanitiser on entry to the class.
  • We’re setting up our classes to ensure that our floor mats are suitably spaced, with social distancing markings in place to help customers keep apart.
  • Where we can, we’re also using larger venues to give customers more space during classes.
  • We will be cleaning all musical equipment/accessories and key touchpoints using a fully virucidal disinfectant cleaner certified to kill enveloped viruses within 60 seconds.
  • To allow time for thorough cleaning there will also be a minimum of 20 minutes between each class.
  • We’re unable to use any instruments in class that are not easy to clean until further notice. You will, though, be able to purchase the 'Ready to Go Starter Bundle' via your class teacher or we’re also asking customers to bring items from home if they prefer. These items include rhythm sticks, bells and scarves (see details above).
  • We're also asking customers to come to class just in time for their session and to adhere to all the signage and one-way systems in place.
  • We're asking customers to only bring necessary food items for their children and to take rubbish home.
  • In some classes face masks will be required and customers will be notified about this at the time of booking.
  • To protect our customers and staff members, class teachers will be wearing face visors to minimise the risk of transmission (link to T&C's). They'll still be smiling, and bunny ears may be present!
Will you notify me if you think I may have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 whilst at a Rhythm Time Class?

We will fully comply with all government advice regarding this, supporting the government's track and trace system.
Will my venue close again if a customer who has visited the class tests positive for Covid-19?
We will fully comply with all government advice regarding how to proceed in such a scenario.
What happens if my venue is in an area that has a local lockdown?
We will follow both the government and local authorities advice if this happens. Classes will move online via Zoom and class teachers will continue to keep you updated.