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My name is Suzanna and I'm really excited to be teaching Rhythm Time music classes in South Nottinghamshire, Loughborough & the surrounding villages.

I have two children, Caitlin, 13 and William, 3 and I loved attending multi-sensory and musical classes with them both. I could really see the rewards they both got out of them, plus we made lots of new friends!

I joined Rhythm Time in 2017 as I wanted to change to a more family-friendly career. I always wanted to run my own business - time is so important with your children as they grow up so fast. What better way to see other parents having that rewarding time together, watching their children develop, and enjoying the music and singing together?

Rhythm Time uses an exciting combination of excellent music courses with percussion instruments, songs, dance, exercise & fantastic sensory materials such as light balls, bubbles, foil blanket, pom poms (and much more!) All these help to boost the development and confidence of the children who come along to classes. It also gives them a great start in life and a lifelong love of music.

So come and join us on the Rhythm Time adventure! I'd love to meet you and your little ones. Just book your nearest class now.

Come and join in the fun...