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I'm Rachel Turner, and I run the Rhythm Time franchise
in the Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth, and Stratford-upon-Avon

I first experienced Rhythm Time as a mum at classes with my son in 2010.
We attended baby class, then I must add I tried other classes in the area. But soon came back to Rhythm Time with my daughter and we attended toddler and pre school classes in the same morning. My daughter still attends pre school classes which she absolutely loves and could run herself!

I was working as a waste management consultant in Birmingham in a quiet office with engineers and lots of reports. I ws the noisiest person in the office and knew I wasn't in my ideal career.

When the opportunity to become a Rhythm Time assistant became available I jumped at the chance, it is such a joyful job and no more long commute.

Then I trained as a teacher and knew I could lead the classes with my enthusiasm and musical background.

My father often sang and I played the piano and trumpet, I will bring the trumpet to class one day! I also attended dance lessons for most of my childhood up to the age of 15.

When Sue was hoping to retire, its seemed natural for me to take over the franchise, I get to teach the lessons which I love and have a fantastic database and system to keep me occupied.

I simply love teaching music. The Rhythm Time classes are
particularly rewarding as you can see the babies and children
quickly developing musical skills, and really enjoying
participating in the Rhythm Time musical experience.

There are so many benefits for the children as they join in
making music in a structured but fun environment.

We have such a joyful time, we never know what the children are going to say and we are often laughing in class with their funny ways as they explore the music and instruments.

I hope you will want to join in the Rhythm Time experience, and
give your children the most brilliant musical start in life.


“I wanted to say a huge thank you from me and Elysia for all the fun sessions Elysia has had with you at Rhythm Time. She has thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, and is always coming home singing all the songs. She has been attending Rhythm Time since she was 2 months old! I have been so impressed with the quality of the classes, being well structured and, most importantly, loads of fun! I know Elysia will miss coming along, but so much of what she has learnt will stay with her forever.”

 —Sharon Sully

“As well as the tremendous educational benefits that Rhythm Time provides with its well structured pace and fun rhymes and songs, it also creates many treasured and fond memories of this most precious time with my son Archie.”

 —Laura thomas -Rhythm Time Mum and recepting teacher

“Rhythm Time is such a wonderful experience for the child and for the parent/grandparent/carer to share together - greatly benefitting both. It is such a stimulating environment - we cover so much - singing, playing instruments, dancing, listening, clapping, etc. I have watched my grandson develop a strong sense of rhythm, learn to echo a rhythmic pattern and be able to sing in tune. He has also experienced being with a small group of other children, learning to take turns, share instruments, listen carefully and follow instructions - a lovely precursor to life in school. All the children gain in self confidence in an atmosphere of creative learning. The educational benefits are so numerous, and Rhythm Time is such fun for the babies and toddlers. We all know children learn best when they are enjoying the learning.”

 —Mrs Manning - a Stratford Rhythm Time Granny

Come and join in the fun...