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“Rhythm Time has provided music classes for Active Angels since we opened the nursery in 2006. We are constantly impressed with the quality of the material they teach and can see the educational and social benefits it gives to the children.  It’s GREAT! I would recommend it!”  Sara, Active Angels, Solihull.

Rhythm Time has genuinely rewarding relationships with local Nurseries and Children’s Centres right across the UK. These are enhanced by the fact that our sessions are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage and are loved by the children and adults alike!  

How will your baby, toddler or pre-schooler benefit?

Communication and language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development
You can be confident that our music classes provide an excellent foundation for any child who may want to learn a musical instrument.  More importantly, when they’re making music with others, key skills are developed such as socialising, confidence, listening, speech, co-ordination and creativity (to name but a few!)

If you’re involved in Nursery education or work within a Children’s Centre, Rhythm Time can support you and help you provide the very best to your children.  

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Download our guide to Music and its role in YOUR pre-schooler's development.

Enhancing childen's development