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Bringing joy and immense benefit to residents in retirement / residential care homes and hospitals


Retirement Homes

In a society where so many of the older generation feel isolated and alone, Rhythm Time's award-winning music sessions have brought joy and immense benefit to residents in retirement and residential care homes.  Babies, young children, parents, carers and older people are able to come together to enjoy the wonderful benefits of music together.

Bringing Generations together


Studies show that music is particularly beneficial for people struggling with memory loss and advanced dementia, and our classes have certainly brought much joy into retirement homes, for both the children and adults alike.

As Lesley Carter, clinical lead at charity Age UK, so aptly puts it: “I have seen it so often, when a child touches the hand of somebody who is perhaps very withdrawn, and not really speaking, and all of a sudden that person is alive. It’s really humbling.”


Rhythm Time are very proud to be able to run our sessions in hospitals.  The content of our quality class activities is flexible and can be adapted to suit the different needs of children.  Using a holistic approach to recovery through music, we work with young patients to support them through multi-sensory play and singing.  This also helps support their speech and general development.  We have been working with hospitals including Birmingham Childrens Hospital for a number of years and are privileged to be able offer our support to the amazing children and staff.

BCH baby

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