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Classes for babies under six months


Unborn babies can hear, feel, see, taste and remember - so it’s never too early for your gorgeous little one to enjoy the wonders of music.  In the first few months, your baby's main neural pathways are formed in their brain.  This makes it the ideal time to stimulate all their senses with fun, friendly and multi-sensory experiences.

Perfect for the youngest of babies, our early-learning classes are carefully designed to enhance your newborn’s early development.

Baby-bonding activities

baby and rat cymbal

We’ll show you lots of special bonding and development activities that both you and your young baby will love. You'll also have the chance to meet other like-minded parents and their babies. 

Each class is only 30-minutes long and will help stimulate your baby's vision and hearing, promote deeper sleep, improve muscle tone, flexibility and circulation, introduce them to 'tummy time', plus LOTS more.  Even our listening bunny makes an appearance which the babies LOVE (and he helps develop their socialising skills!)

This young baby class was the highlight of my little one's week 

This course has provided me with really valuable information and activities that I can try out at home - I couldn't believe how calm and responsive my baby was throughout it, compared to other classes I've been to.

Having just completed the course, we've eagerly signed up for the full-term.  Both myself and my 10-week old son found the classes engaging, fun, well-paced, great value for money and the length of class appropriate for babies.  Absolutely brilliant - we thoroughly recommend it!

Enhance your young baby's early development

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