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Classes for Toddlers


Watch them advance

Your toddler’s confidence, creativity and co-ordination will flourish with the help of our fun, quality sessions, planned by experts to build on their skills. We welcome children individually with a hello song and go on to enjoy action rhymes and songs, dancing, instrument time, listening time with Ratatat (our special Rhythm Time mascot rabbit) as well as lots of other fun, musical activities that will give your toddler a great foundation for nursery and school. 

Enhance co-ordination
Self-expression through dance
Develop listening skills
Practise rhymes to develop speech
Improve their concentration
Find their singing voice and learn to sing in tune

Take the fun home with you


The fun doesn’t have to stop when the class ends. Your toddler can sing along to our catchy songs at home, or in the car, with our free downloadable music.

Book your class now and watch your toddler develop!