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Let’s get this party started!


Most parents would agree, the best children’s parties are the ones organised by someone else as you watch a roomful of happy youngsters having the time of their lives.

Book a Rhythm Time party and you’ll be assured of 40 minutes of musical joy, laughter and dancing for your little one. You can even join in the fun yourself!

My two year old daughter had the most amazing party with Rhythm Time!  It was so well organised and loads of fun for everyone.  The children were all joining in with the songs and actions!  Fantastic!

 Ava’s Mum

Tailored for your child


There will be lots of music, singing and dancing at a venue of your choice – all tailored to your child’s favourite songs and individual needs. World-famous  listening bunny, Rat-a-Tat (well, he’s famous in our world!), will add to the fun! If you do want to get involved, parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to join in the celebrations too!

Run by our enthusiastic musical professionals, it’s fun, it’s interactive and it’s always a party to remember - so you can just put your feet up (if you’re not dancing along, that is!)

No birthday needed

Any excuse is good for a Rhythm Time party, so why wait all year until their birthday when the fun is only a phone call away?

For more information, contact your nearest Rhythm Time class teacher.


Our parties are fun for everyone!