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The perfect foundation for school


Watch their confidence & skills grow through fun activities including:

Reading musical signs
Playing simple pieces of music
preschool and mum

Our carefully created pre-school classes will help develop your child's confidence and give them the skills they need to give them a head start when they start school. What’s more, the classes are fantastic fun!

Your pre-schooler will enjoy learning to conduct, read musical signs, play simple pieces of music, and they'll even start singing individually (even if they're shy in the beginning!)

All classes are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.


As part of the course, your child will get a special Rhythm Time folder to store all their handouts.

child in glasses and books

Foundations for a happy childhood

Whether or not your child pursues an active interest in music in years to come, they’ll have developed important skills that will help them take school in their stride.  

And when they finally head off for their first day, you'll be confident that you’ve prepared them as best you can. 

Book your class now to give them a great start!